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i want someone whos never watched atla to explain whats going on in this screencap

the girl on the right is trying to each everyone how to do the worm 

Earthquake? O.o
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how do you say ‘please talk to me more i crave your company’ to someone without sounding like a creep

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The struggle of making these is real when the only girls who place custom orders are D & DD+ plus whaaaaaa
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"Jake, you’re president now."Oh my gosh! I watched this episode today and I just had to animate this dance!!Follow more or my artistic misadventures on Facebook | Tumblr | Vimeo
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Going to Tokyo and planning to visit Harajuku (a.k.a. the fashion mecca in Tokyo)? (=^-ω-^=)Here are the top 10 kawaii activity suggestions! ☆1. Eat the famous “Harajuku” crepes. (Our recommendation: Angel Hearts Harajuku Crepes!)2. Take “purikura” / neoprint photos.3. Go to KIDDYLAND!4. Shop at Takeshita Dori & La Foret!5. Eat at Pancake Days.6. Visit a Cat / Neko Cafe. (Here’s an informative post about cat cafes!)7. Visit Meiji Shrine.8. Visit 6% DOKIDOKI at Ura-Harajuku!9. Visit the Design Festa Gallery!10. And of course, dress fashionably! Get style inspiration from Tokyo Fashion.http://japanlover.me/kawaii/?p=4816If you’ve been to Harajuku before, please do share your experience with us / your favorite places you’d also recommend by commenting below! Kawaii tips from Rainbowholic  Illustration by none other than Little Miss Paintbrush!
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i will literally reblog this every fucking time i see it 
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